SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Combination Fire-Safe Review

With the increase in gun debates sweeping the country, it’s important to remember both the positives and negative of gun ownership. In times of emergency, for example, when an intruder breaks into your home, you need to be able to gain access to your weapon as quickly as possible – a problem that has confounded so many gun safe manufacturers. There are usually two camps- those that prefers accessibility and those that value utmost security above all else. Even though biometric safes that read fingerprints and are easy to open, they’re still susceptible to hacking by tech-minded thieves. Sometimes, the tried and true method of a combination fire safe is still the best. The SentrySafe SFW123DSB Combination Fire-Safe is a perfect example of the ultimate in firearm security. Excellent for storing firearms as well as other sensitive materials from jewelry to personal documents, this safe features a combination fire safe and extremely robust design that totally prevents access by safe crackers and computer hacking of biometric locking mechanisms.

SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Combination Fire-Safe Review

Who Is It For?

  1. The SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fire-Safe is perfect for
  2. gun owners who also have small children who search about the house
  3. Police officers or other security personnel
  4. Business owners in crime-laden neighborhoods
  5. Firearms professionals or instructors as educational tools
  6. People looking to protect valuable items or sensitive documents from prying eyes
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Advanced Fire and Water Protection

The main feature of a fire safe is to provide protection of its contents in the case of a fire or flood, so this was the main standard we measured it by. Also waterproof, the SFW123DSB has been certified by Underwriters Laboratories and Edison Testing Labs at providing fire protection for up to one hour. We inquired as to what may happen if this safe was exposed to extreme heat for longer than this, but no information was available from the manufacturer, and there weren’t many other customer reviews to shed light on this concern. Suffice to say, most fire exposure tends not to exceed an hour, so this worry might be a minor one.

It also has the capability to sit in 8 inches of water for up to 24 hours without any leakage or sustaining any water damage. But not only this, but this safe is extremely rugged, being able to withstand 15-foot drop test with the contents remaining intact and the safe remaining locked. This makes it extra resistant to those trying to gain access to its contents by blunt force trauma or safe cracking tools. This feature is important especially for home and business owners in case of arson and flooding.

Solid and Secure Construction

Measuring 1.3 cubic feet, this safe features a solid steel exterior and four 1 inch live locking steel bolts. These bolts are 60% larger than the kind you find with traditional fire safes. It also comes with a pry-resistant hinge bar to prevent forced entry with most safe cracking tools. The dual combination lock and key system help you to have and the additional layer of security. Thieves may be able to crack the combination lock or pick the key, but it’s extremely difficult to do both.

It also comes with a bolt-down kit so you can securely and easily bolt this safe to the floor. This is especially helpful when having to store this safe in the right location for your home or business without having to take extra measure to prevent it from being physically removed.

Smart Additional Features For Organization and Convenience

This safe also comes with the additional feature that helps organize the contents, including firearms, that you might want to store inside. It comes with a key rack, a tray for smaller items, a pocket for slim items such as important documents, CD or video discs. It also comes with an adjustable interior shelf that helps you organize contents and prevent them from being piled on top of one another – causing damage. Being able to store one handgun on the top shelf and the other on the bottom is an invaluable feature. The easy to use locks and left/right dials are do detailed that even a blind person can get enough tactile feedback to use it properly.

Full Technical and Customer Support

Finally, this safe come with plenty of instructions for its use and provides technical support and even videos on YouTube that can help you realize this fire safe’s full potential. It’s extensively detailed owner’s manual makes it easy for anyone to use and they also have an 80-year history of excellent customer service. We would have also liked a customer support hotline, but SentrySafe doesn’t offer this service, so this might be a problem for people with unanswered questions who want to talk to an actual human being.


  • Sturdy, rugged construction
  • Larger than normal bolt locking mechanism for superior security
  • Certified Fire and Water Protection
  • Features that help with interior organization
  • Floor Mountable


  • Heavier than normal models (110 pounds), but is easy move around with two or more people
  • Combination lock might take a little longer to gain access to gun with, but as long as you keep it in a secure place you can make up for time lost opening it
  • Emergency keys are vulnerable to getting lost or copied. Suggest owners keep them in safe places and
  • Never allow anyone other than the responsible adult family member who may also need access to the gun in cases of emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does this safe have an interior shelf to store items without piling them on top of each other?

A1: Yes, and there also is plenty of widths for you to store two handguns side by side.

Q2: What are this safe’s dimensions?

A2: 17.8 by 16.3 by 19.3 inches on the outside (H x W x D) and 13.8 by 12.6 by 11.9 on the inside.

Q3: Are there pre-drilled holes to mount it on the floor?

A3: No but there are obvious places to drill them yourself with a simple drill bit and markers on the floor

Q4: Can you change the combination lock or key lock?

A4: No, both are fixed.

Final Verdict

The main things to look for in a good gun safe are whether or not it can grant gun access to the owner in a timely manner in instances of an emergency and not how effective it is a limiting access to those you don’t want to play with it. Does it keep the bad guys and children out without making it to hard for you to get your gun at a moment’s notice? And more importantly, is this safe made in a way that makes it extremely hard for those who you don’t want to have access to the contents to crack it. This is why SentrySafe’s SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe makes it case as one of the best fire safes on the market. This is the best gun safe that prioritizes security over accessibility, making it one of the most rugged and impenetrable fire safes available to consumers. Highly recommended.

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