Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Review

In the modern gun crazy world, as a gun owner, I suggest one should invest in a solid gun safe like the Sentry Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe. Why? Keeping your firearm locked away will prevent your children from accidentally finding it and playing with it.

If you are not looking for a big massive safe, then I recommend you invest in this safe. It comes with several standout features which make it the best especially if you are a small firearm collector. It is constructed with a 12 gauge steel. This can withstand blows from an axe. It is designed not to be pried open easily. According to the best gun safe reviews 2016, this helps to prevent unauthorized access by children and thieves.

Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Review

It is fitted with a biometric scanner that allows authorized access once you have placed your finger on the pad. Your fingerprint must have been saved in the database prior to using this method. It comes with an additional electronic keypad and tubular key plus an inbuilt backlight. According to gun safe reviews, the company has been business since 1930 which assures of high-quality products and experience.

Who is it for?

According to gun safe reviews, it is suitable for:

  • Private detectives and investigators
  • Small firearm collectors
  • Security personnel


The safe has many features which make it a good investment. They include:

12 gauge stainless steel

The body is constructed of 12 gauge stainless steel which is light making the safe portable. The toughness of stainless steel ensures that the safe can withstand blows from even an axe. The doors are pry-resistant. This is due to the lip that overhangs the bottom section which prevents any individual using a crowbar to open it. This presents anyone with the disadvantage of prying it open.

Stainless steel is a durable material so you can even pass on the gun safe to your son who in turn will pass it on to his and so on.

Biometric fingerprint pad

In order to open the safe, you need to place your fingerprint on the pad. Before that, you should have saved your fingerprint. You can achieve this by following the instructions manual accompanying the safe. It is widely known that no two people can have the same fingerprint. This has become a foolproof method to prevent unauthorized people from accessing the stored gun.

The pad also has another useful feature where it detects the warmth of the user’s body before initiating the opening process.

Gas powered door

According to best gun safe reviews, it is fitted with a gas powered door which is smooth to operate. No noise is generated and the only feedback is a flashing LED light. This is great especially when burglars are roaming the house and you want to access the gun. They will not hear the door opening so you will get them by surprise.

Battery operated

In order to use the safe, you need to install 4 AA batteries. This help to power the keypad, the inbuilt backlight, and the biometric keypad. With these, you can store your fingerprints into the database as well as opening and close the safe. The LED light will warn you early when the batteries are about to be depleted. This gives you time to buy new ones for replacement protecting your gun always.


  1. The biometric scanner allows you to prevent access to unauthorized users. Only fingerprints stored in the database will open the safe’s door.
  2. You can use the safe in the dark thanks to the built-in backlight and LED light. The keypad will light up and show you where the buttons are located.
  3. It is portable thanks to the use of stainless steel in the construction of the body. You can carry it from one location to another with ease.
  4. It is durable. This can be attributed to the use of stainless steel, the design of the safe and the technology used for preventing access.
  5. It has pre-drilled holes in the back. This allows the user to mount the gun safe either in a drawer or in a walk-in closet.
  6. It provides enough storage to store a full-sized handgun. You can store bullets just beside the handgun providing access to both in case you need them for an emergency.


Soft keypad

The keypad can be said to have soft keys. They are made from soft plastic which users have found to be delicate. To avoid damaging them and ensuring durability, I suggest you use less force when pressing. The manufacturer can also incorporate sturdier buttons in future products.

Light interior padding

The interior padding is very light. As this is more of a design issue, I recommend you add your own foam. This will prevent the gun and bullets from moving around during transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Since the safe uses 4 AA batteries, how will I know when the batteries are close to being depleted?

A: The LED light will flash 5 red flashes. This should indicate to you that the batteries are close to being depleted. You need to buy spares early to prevent lack of protection for your gun.

Q: How many handguns can fit in the safe?

A: The safe is designed to hold a full-size semi-automatic pistol or one full-size j or k revolver. You can fit two super compact handguns but it’s important not to cram the safe.

Q: Can I mount the safe?

A: Yes, you can. The safe comes with pre-drilled holes at the bottom side. You can find the suitable location in your home to mount it.

Final Verdict

The Sentry biometric quick access pistol safe mode safe is built to last thanks to the stainless steel body. The pry resistant door prevents unauthorized users from prying open the door using a crowbar. This assures you that your gun is safe.

It has a code reset function which is located underneath and you need a paper clip in order to access it. It is operated by 4 AA batteries and the LED light flashes red 5 times when they are close to being depleted. You can never go wrong with these safe.

Review Overview

  • Design 4.5 out of 5

  • Features 4.8 out of 5

  • Price 4.3 out of 5

  • Overall 4.7 out of 5

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