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20 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

Owning a gun safe can be the difference between the safety of you and your loved ones and tragedy People read only the bad news about guns in the media for a number of years now. But, the one thing you never read about is the fact that the crime rates are going down as […]

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Best Gun Safe for the Money : A definitive Guide

Keeping Guns Safely stored means Keeping People Safe: A study published in the Journal of Pediatrics about gun storage found that more than 1.69 million children are living in homes with loaded weapons that are not locked in a safe place. Keep your guns stored in a secure safe is the best way to prevent an […]

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Choosing the Best Biometric Gun Safe

Introduction Biometric gun safes have been born out of necessity, like all weapons storage technologies. Gun owners are consistently more concerned, on how to keep their weapons safe. It could be to guard their guns against criminals, thieves or the just plain curious. This makes the purchase of a gun safe an important investment. Today […]

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