Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe Reviews

Who is it for?

As much as guns are designed to offer protection, it is also vital that you guard them against unauthorized use. In this, we highly recommend that you invest a good gun safe to help meet this objective. The market offers a wide variety of gun safes to help meet the different needs and specifications of varying gun owners. The Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe Reviews is highly recommended for use with the following people.

  • Handgun homeowners
  • Shop and office gun owners

Key features of this gun safe
To highlight why this is one of the best gun safes in the market, it is best we address its key features that stand out. This include:

A 10 gauge steel uni-body construction
When looking for a sturdy and robust gun safe, this one meets this objective thanks to its steel body. The steel material also makes it durable, so it serves you in the long-term. This material will not easily rust or grow mold. 10-gauge steel offers a thick barrier that prevents easy access without authorization.

Heavy duty tamper-resistant hinge
To protect your safe from attack, it comes with a heavy-duty tamper resistant hook. This is placed under the door to avoid exposing it.

Foam-lined interior
The interior of this gun safe comes with a foam liner, which protects your content from damage especially when the safe is in motion. You will not have to worry about scratching your gun thus keeping it good as new in the long-term.

A gas strut assisted door
A gas strut helped door will pop open the door soon as you have your combination keyed in. This boosts accessibility for the safe owner.

A push button simple mechanical locking device
This feature delivers on functionality as t aims at ensuring that only those who have access to the safe can gain access to the content. It is also easy and fast to use so you can use it during emergencies. It allows for up to 1081 varying combinations. This makes it difficult for unauthorized personnel to gain access. To further boost safety, you are expected to enter your combination then follow this by turning the knob before you can access your content.

Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe Reviews


  • It takes security up a notch by requiring a combination and a turn of its knob
  • It prevents scratches on your gun or other equipment even when you are on the move thanks to its foam-padded interior.
  • It is strong, durable, and sturdy thanks to its 10-gauge steel construction. It will serve you in the long-term while remaining good as new
  • The gas strutted assisted door aims at easing accessibility once you have your combination keyed in
  • It can fit two guns depending on their size

It can be time-consuming, as you have to enter a combination and follow by turning a knob. However, this boosts security.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Can I mount/ bolt it to a surface?
A. Yes, you can. It is possible for any surface so you can settle for a wooden, steel, or concrete surface.

Q. How many combinations can you have on the safe at a time?
A. With the Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1 + Free 13.5″ Dean Safe, you can only one combination keyed in at a time. However, you have about 1081 combinations to choose from so you can settle for the best option.

Q. How thick is the steel construction?
A. It is a ten gauge of steel. This translates to 3.57 mm or 1406 inches of steel. This provides sufficient reinforcement to prevent easy access to the safe.

Q. How much does this safe weight?
A. It weighs about 20 pounds, and because it can be mounted to the floor, it will not be quickly moved away. This boosts safety while at the same time making it easier for portability when you are on the move.

Final Verdict
The Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1 + Free 13.5″ Dean Safe is highly recommended to help met strength and reliability for gun owners. This comes in handy for individuals owning medium sized guns. This ensures that your gun remains in place unless you access it. Depending on the size of your weapon, it can hold up to two weapons. This is one of the best gun safes especially if you are looking to keep your rifle and other content away from other people and children.

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