Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor Reviews

Are you looking for a top of the line product? If you are, you may wish to consider the S6000 Smart Safe. It is designed by Zvetco Biometrics. This may sound unfamiliar to you. That is because this company makes security products for the FBI and the Department of Defense. Now, they are using the same technology to secure your home. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor

 Who Is It For?

This safe is for people who love the latest and most advanced technology. The Gun Pro blog recommends the S6000Smart.Safe. Fast Access Biometric Safe for people who want to be assured that they have the best.

Buy Fast Access Biometric Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor


Restricted access

This safe only allows certain people to use it. You decide who is responsible enough to have access to a gun. You are the mastermind of who can open the safe. This is a secret that you do not need to share. Think about how the FBI would handle it. You are probably wondering how to access the safe. A simple quick scan of your fingerprint grants you access to the safe. A guided tutorial with a practice session teaches you how to set up your safe for scanning. A restricted access biometric system helps you to be worry free. You may decide that a person no longer needs to have access to your safe. You are able to delete that person’s fingerprint. I know that moms especially worry about a child finding a gun. The S6000 alerts you and keeps a timestamped log of all attempts to open the safe. You are able to know if you need to address gun safety issues.

  • Stores 10 fingerprints per person.
  • Able to change settings

Quick Access

No more problems with keys or remembering codes. Trying to open a safe during an emergency is stressful. It is time-consuming to try to open a safe with a key if your hands are shaky. Also, it is difficult to remember numbers and codes. The S6000 Smart.Safe allows quick access to your handgun. This is because all that you need to do is place your finger on the scanner. This safe has an awesome success rate for opening the first time. The 3D scan makes a more accurate image of your fingerprint than a flat scanner. Remember that you have scans of all of your fingers. It does not matter which finger you use to open the safe. Some people who only scan one finger forget which finger to use. That is an excellent idea of the company to suggest scanning 10 fingers. You have a quick and easy way to open the safe.

  • You only need your finger to open the safe.
  • Hassle free.
  • The door of the safe opens in just a few seconds.

Advanced Safety Checks

The S6000 Smart.Safe definitely lives up to its name. It is something that you would find in a Smart House. This gun safe performs its own daily safety checks. Also, it does systems check each time you use it. The results are shown on an LCD screen. It gives you a feeling of well-being to know that it is working properly. It has another safety feature that is very reassuring. You do not have to wonder if you closed it or not. After you leave home, you do not have to deal with that nagging feeling of “did I lock it or not”. The gun safe automatically locks itself when it is closed. Also, you are alerted with beeps when the batteries need to be changed.

  • Uses AutoLock technology.
  • Provides you with reports of any problems.

Helpful Items

This is safe with advanced technology. Zvetco did not forget to include some old school items that are helpful. There is an interior NiteLite. It is frustrating to have to feel around for something in the dark. Open the safe at night. You will notice a soft light. You are able to retrieve your handgun much quicker. The light is not bright enough to attract attention. Believe it or not, the Smart.Safely comes with a key. It is included for backup use. The batteries could unexpectedly fail. Sometimes you do come across a defective battery. It is most unusual for the scanner to fail. It has a score of opening on the first try 98% of the time…. but we all know how technology sometimes has its kinks. Having a backup key is a good idea.

  • Interior soft light for use in the dark
  • Back up key


  • Holds multiple handguns. Most biometric safes only hold one or two.
  • Runs self-diagnostic tests
  • Keeps track of all attempts to access the safe
  • Reliable
  • FBI approved


  • The price– Biometric safes cost more than lock and key varieties. Think of it as an investment. Remember the words of your grandmother, “You get what you pay for”.
  • Powered by batteries– Do not let this stop you from purchasing this safe. It only takes 4 AA batteries that should last for years. You can always keep extra batteries around the house. 

 Frequently Asked Questions

Does the finger sensor light up when it’s dark?

The sensor does not light up as on some cheaper safes. The sensor on the S6000 Smart Safe does not use light for imaging. There is adjustable soft backlighting for people who need it. You are able to turn it OFF.

How does it sound when it opens? Does it make any other sounds?

Usually, the only noise is a quiet motor whirring sound while unlocking the bolts. An alert or an alarm setting will use a beeping sound to get your attention. These sounds can be set to different levels.

Can you program more than one person’s fingerprint?

Absolutely. You can have up to 40 different users. One finger enrolled per person. You can have 10 users. This allows each person to have four fingerprints stored. You can use any combination that yields a total of 40 fingerprints. The company recommends using 10 fingerprints per individual.

How fast does it take the sensor to unlock the safe?

It is really quick. It takes the sensor about 1.5-2 seconds to recognize you and unlock the safe Out of a hundred + open/closes, the scanner reads with 100% accuracy every time.

Is there any action I need to do to check the battery life?

A check of the batteries is performed daily during the self-diagnostics check up. In addition, you are alerted with beeps when

Final Verdict

My research from best gun safe reviews shows very positive remarks for the S6000Smart.Safe. Actually, I am unable to find a negative review. It is almost impossible to find any product that does not have any negative reviews. A customer satisfaction survey shows that 98% of owners are completely satisfied. The review site, www.the, rates S6000 Smart.Safe as the top choice in biometric safes. It receives a 5-star rating from Amazon. I highly recommend this safe if you are considering a biometric safe. After all, it is FBI approved.

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