Choosing the Best Biometric Gun Safe


Biometric gun safes have been born out of necessity, like all weapons storage technologies. Gun owners are consistently more concerned, on how to keep their weapons safe. It could be to guard their guns against criminals, thieves or the just plain curious. This makes the purchase of a gun safe an important investment. Today is the pinnacle of modern weapons storage technologies, it is called the biometric gun safe.

Choosing the Best Biometric Gun Safe

When shopping for a gun safe, there are many variations and choices on the market. Even if limited down to those with biometric locks, the numbers are still staggering. Yet there are some other things to consider before we discuss biometric gun safes more. As a gun owner, it is important to think about each of these issues and make the best decisions we can regarding them.

Are There Any Local Laws or Regulations?

Most regions of the world have gun laws. Many also have laws related to weapons storage and gun safes. As a gun owner, it is a personal responsibility to secure anything I own and conform to all legal rules or regulations. In some places, this may be more enforced or less, but it makes no difference on the implied responsibility. All gun laws are an attempt to get individuals to conduct themselves safely, sanely and within the limits of the law. Only the individual can be sure, where they lie in terms of local laws and regulations. Therefore, all gun owners have a personal responsibility to everyone around them. For who else is going to enforce proper gun ethics, if the gun owner does not respect the need for them.

What Size of Safe?

When gun owners buy a safe, often they neglect to think big enough. Therefore, they end up purchasing one that is much too small. Too small to hold all their valuables. Too small to hold all of their guns and weapon accessories. Or too small, when the eventually buy more guns or accessories.

If possible, buy a gun safe that is big enough the first time. Not buy the biggest safe on the market, just one with some room to grow. If later another safe needs to be bought, then it will be dealt with at that time, but planning ahead is always an ultimate good.

Also consider the construction of a gun safe, before buying it. It should be made out of steel, made from a single piece with a door that wraps around. All these add to the enhanced strength of any traditional gun safe construction.

What Is Biometrics?

Biometrics is deriving the identity of a human being by a single characteristic that is different from one human being to another. This could be stereotyped with things like fingerprint scanners, palm print readers, or retinal tracking devices. In the world of gun safes, having a biometric lock means the safe requires a scanned fingerprint to be read. Biometric technologies are not fool proof but are reliable in many daily situations. The biometric lock offers a level of safety and protection, one that is rarely found in an affordable home or office device. The biometric gun safe is an innovation, and one worth investigating further. Anyone with guns at home or elsewhere should consider how biometric gun safes could improve their life.

The Pros and Cons of Biometrics

In many ways, biometrics seems like the perfect upgrade to the traditional safe. The two technologies could not be better suited for one another. So it is equally worthwhile to understand how biometric gun safes are handled in real life. The pros and cons of biometrics are not earth shattering, only something to be seriously taken into consideration. For a faulty gun safe mechanism could be the difference between life and death, for a friend, family member or loved one. Not being able to access a stored weapon renders it useless. Not being able to access a gun, when being confronted by an intruder is a worst case scenario. In such events, there is no margin for error and ease of access is a priority.

Why do I choose biometrics gun safes? Probably one thing has made the biometric gun safe more popular because it provides easy gun access. If I am in an emergency situation, there is no time for fumbling around in the dark, finding the keys, getting the combination right or messing around with badly constructed numeric buttons. All I need to do is place my fingerprint on the scanner and the door will open up. This happens instantly so that nothing gets in the way of the guns in that safe.

The best gun safes are made to be durable, but some argue that biometric safes often fail in practical usage. Most times this is simply due to battery failure, or the reader itself may be faulty. Although, the majority of such complaints are the rare situation. Most biometric gun safes perform beyond expectation and should not be judged on a few incidents.

Biometric locks are still relatively new technologies. As gun safes go, they are even newer. This means their primary testing has been conducted and allowed them to sell in the open marketplace. Even this does not guarantee it is a product that will never have failings. All products have a few badly made or manufactured items. These are to be expected, especially with such a new technology as biometric locks. Technologies always improve, so the failed gun safes are becoming less frequent. Still, this is something to consider when purchasing a biometric gun safe. The price of any device is usually and the indication of how well it is made. It certainly is worth considering, when looking at what makes it a worthwhile purchase.

What to Look for in the Best Biometric Gun Safe?

Keep everything discussed here in mind when it comes to looking for the best biometric gun safe. Never assume that a new purchase is packaged perfectly. It can have factory defects or other problems.

Having the possible negative aspects of a biometric gun safe in the open is good. It means that a gun owner is wise to do their product research, before buying anything. That goes for in store or online purchasing. Take time to seriously read the reviews posted about the best gun safes. Compare and contrast these with a variety of other similar products on the market. Also, consider both the good and bad reviews. This will give the average gun owner some idea what really can be expected from a gun safe.

It may be an exciting proposition, having a biometric gun safe. The fingerprint reader gets many people feeling like they have a new toy, but the locking mechanism is important too. Try to find as much information about the actual mechanism, and do some research once again. Finding something made of steel is practical and essential. See if there are locking bolts for the mechanism. Also remember that having two bolts is much more secure, than a single one, and even more is better too.

All biometric systems need to have the fingerprints encoded. So they much are programmed in, or else no one will be able to access the contents. The problem with personal fingerprints is that a tiny paper cut can cause stored fingerprints to be unrecognized by the system. Therefore, a safe needs to have enough internal memory to store several fingerprints or more. This will help guaranteed access to the safe’s contents in any situation, with multiple sets of program prints to use.

The best biometric gun safes are made with alternative methods of opening them, should the reader or the batteries fail to work. This could be a key lock mechanism, or a push button code, or sometimes even both. It isn’t uncommon to have both methods as a redundancy for backup purposes. Unfortunately, these methods do little good, if the safe owner has never practiced them before an emergency happens and access is needed.

Some Recommended Biometric Gun Safes:

In Conclusion

As a gun owner, having a biometric safe is an essential good. It will keep safe the things that a gun owner knows are important in their life. So there it is, hopefully, some of these guidelines will come in handy. This article does not cover the entire scope of the best biometric gun safes, but it does lay a ground work. So good luck and happy shopping for the best gun safes out there today. Remember, it is the gun safe which should meet the gun owner’s needs, not the needs of anyone else. That is the truth.

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