BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle Safe

I love hunting which means I require firearms in order to achieve my objectives. As a family man, I have taught my family about the safe use of a gun. Having sons and a daughter with guns around can be quite disastrous. This is because poor mishandling will result in injuries or death. This is not what any family man would want.

BARSKA Quick Access Biometric Rifle SafeI came across the BARSKA quick access biometric rifle safe while researching on the internet. After reading its features, I immediately wanted one. Its features include advanced biometric fingerprint technology. This means you have to use your fingerprint in order to access the safe. Only authorized prints can access the contents of the safe since it can store 120 fingerprints in the database. It is fitted with a removable accessory shelf which allows the gun owner to arrange different accessories before placing it back.

It is fitted with a 3 point steel deadbolt locking system. This is designed to prevent easy access to the safe contents once it is locked. It comes with the programmable silent access mode. If you don’t love the beeping sound generated, you can program the system to access it on silent mode.

Best gun safe reviews 2016 states that the safe is built with high-quality steel which helps to ensure toughness and durability. The only way to access the safe is through the fingerprint pad. This prevents children with devious minds and even thieves from accessing the safe.

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Who is it for?

Today, many people own firearms for different purposes. There are individuals who love to hunt in the woods. Others want to protect their valuables, their business, their families or employers. It comes a time when you have a sizeable gun collection in your possession. As a home owner and family man, you have children. They are curious which means if they come across your gun lying around, they are bound to play with it.

Children love to imitate what they see in TV shows and movies. It can turn out to be an ugly incident. Thanks to the BARSKA quick access biometric rifle safe, you can finally avoid this.

According to gun safe reviews, it is used by the following:

  • Hunters
  • Gun collectors
  • Police personnel
  • Military personnel
  • Private detectives
  • Private security/bodyguards and much more


According to best gun safe reviews, the BARSKA quick access biometric rifle safe is the best safe to keep thieves and unauthorized people away from your gun collection. The safe is fitted with many useful features. They include:

Advanced Biometric fingerprint technology

To access the safe contents, you need to use your fingerprint. Once you purchase the safe, you need to scan your fingerprint and save it in the database. The technology has the ability to save up to 120 fingerprints. The best thing about this technology is that it is foolproof. If you are not in the house, no one can access the safe.

Steel body construction

Steel is known to be a tough metal and the use of it in making the safe assures you of toughness and durability. Steel is known to have a high melting point. This definitely eliminates the probability of unauthorized individuals using tools to access the contents of the safe. This assures you of protection even when you are away on vacation with your family.

4 AA batteries

The advanced fingerprint technology needs power in order to work. This means you need to place 4 AA batteries into the battery area. The good thing about the AA batteries is that they are affordable and easy to find in the local store. Furthermore, in case you have electricity problems in the home, the safe will protect your guns.

More features of the safe include:

  1. Internal removable 4 position rifle rack
  2. Removable accessory shelf.
  3. Programmable silent access mode
  4. .CA DOJ approved
  5. e.Comes with mounting hardware, 2 backup keys, and external battery pack


  • Foolproof protection thanks to the advanced fingerprint access pad installed. Users who are not authorized cannot open the safe.
  • Stores up to 120 fingerprints in its database. You can add different people to the database. This allows them to access the guns.
  • It is also protected with a three-point dead bolt that is made of one-inch steel locks.
  • The fingerprint scanner is operated with 4 AA batteries. This ensures that it continues to protect your guns even when you have electricity problems.
  • It comes with a removable accessory shelf.


  • Lacks a rechargeable battery system. This would enhance the protection and furthermore, it does not expire like AA batteries.
  • The fingerprint reader may not read your fingerprint at times. You can resolve this by wiping clean the pad every time you want to scan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many guns can I store in the safe?

A: You can store up to 4 rifles and a few pistols. To ensure that they fit, you need to remove the scope and other enhancements.

Q: How do I program the fingerprint scanner?

A: The safe comes with an instruction manual. It contains a step by step guide on how you can add your fingerprint as well as for other authorized used in the family.

Q: How do I change the AA batteries?

A: When the AA batteries have expired, you need to change them. Purchase high-quality AA batteries from a store near you. Follow the instructions in the manual and your guns will protect again.

Final Verdict

If you want to protect your guns, I suggest you buy the BARSKA quick access biometric rifle safe. It is not only designed to be durable but tampers proof too. It is built with steel which is known to be a tough metal. It has the advanced fingerprint technology. To access the contents of the safe, you need to use your fingerprint. From my view this is the best gun safe of all.

You can store up to 120 fingerprints in the database. When compared to the risk of leaving a gun around, the gun safe is affordable. It has a high ROI and you are assured of a durable product that will protect your family.

Review Overview

Design 4.5 out of 5

Features 4.5 out of 5

Price 4.0 out of 5

Overall 4.5 out of 5.

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