BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe Review

There are so many dangers inherent in owning a gun, the most pernicious is the possibility of someone other than yourself or a responsible adult gaining access to yours. But in times of emergency, for example, when an intruder breaks into your home, you need to be able to gain access to your weapon as quickly as possible. This is the problem that has confronted so many gun safe manufacturers. Luckily, gun safes are becoming more advanced in order to allow easy access for the owner of a gun while being secure enough to prevent access to it by strangers. The BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe is a perfect example of this blend of accessibility and security and known as one of the best gun safe. Excellent for storing firearms as well as other sensitive materials from jewelry to personal documents, this safe uses biometric technology to register fingerprints in a matter of seconds and is surprisingly easy to use.

BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe Review

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Who Is It For?

 The BARSKA Mini Biometric Safe is perfect for

  • gun owners who also have small children who search about the house
  • Police officers or other security personnel
  • Business owners in crime-laden neighborhoods
  • Firearms professionals or instructors as educational tools


Biometric Technology

This safe utilizes personal biological traits to identify those trying to access it’s content, mainly by fingerprint ID. Technology researched estimate that by 2016 30% of companies will be using biometric identification for their employees, meaning that this method of security is the wave of the future. This safe has the added capacity to store the fingerprint ID of 30 different registered users, so you can choose who gets access to your firearms. Able to store up two regular-sized handguns, the Barska Biometric Safe can grant access to its content in seconds without having to remember or enter a combination or passcode.

We tried testing it out and, sure enough, the fingerprint access was quicker than we expected. Those who might be concerned that using a battery operated locking mechanism leaves you vulnerable when the batteries are drain will be happy to learn that it comes with backup keys for just such an eventuality.

Motorized Locking Mechanism

It also utilizes a manual two-point dead bolt locking system at automatically retracts when it sense a registered and store fingerprint seeking access. This makes it very quick to open while simultaneously ensure that no one but those who’s fingerprints are stored in its memory is allowed to open it. You also have additional security and ease of access with two included emergency back-up keys if the need to circumvent the biometric component arises, such as in the rare case of a malfunction or battery failure. There is the danger of biometric-secured safe being susceptible to hackers who can get around the fingerprint ID. If for some reason this concerns you, the backup key is always an option, though a self-defeating one. Luckily, we were unable to find any decryption software able to hack this model.

Easy care and Maintenance

With all of this advanced technology, you would think that this safe is complicated to operate and maintain. But not only is it easy to use, it’s also easy to care for. All that’s required for consistently responsive and secure performance is that you keep the fingerprint scanner clean with a dry cloth to remove any smudges or older prints from causing a scanner misread. Additional measures like ensuring registered fingerprints are tested every six months and changing the 4 included AA batteries are also no real hardships.

Helpful Accessories

Finally, this safe is shipped with additional features and accessories intended to make a gun owner’s life easier. It has a protective floor mat and mounting hardware along with factory pre-drilled anchor points in the safe itself to make wall mounting a snap. And the batteries can last up to 2 years. Even better, it will signal to gun owners when the batteries need changing with a red indicator light and 3 repetitive beeps.

This is important because many safes don’t have a protective interior and this leaves your firearm vulnerable to damage if you ever need to move this safe around or if falls from a fastened position.


  1.  Uses extra secure biometric technology
  2.  Automated locking mechanism for easy access
  3.  Stores up to 30 registered fingerprint IDs
  4.  Easy to Maintain
  5.  Wall Mountable


  1.  Not 100% fireproof, suggest storing this safe in moist area free of fire hazards or hot machinery
  2. Might not register fingerprints of those with wrinkled skin or damaged fingerprints, can be programmed for other family members who have smooth skin or undamaged fingerprints
  3. Emergency keys are vulnerable to getting lost or copied. Suggest owners keep them in safe places and never allow anyone other than those who’s fingerprints are stored in the safe’s computer to ever have access to these keys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does this safe have an interior shelf to store items without piling them on top of each other?

A1: The safe has no inside shelf, but there is plenty of widths for you to store two handguns side by side.

Q2: Really? What are this safe dimensions?

A2: This safe has outer dimensions of 12 x 8 x 7.75 inches and inner dimensions of 11.5 x 7.5 x 5.75


Q3: Is this safe waterproof?

A3: Though it won’t keep out moisture when submerged in water, it can prevent spilled water or rain from

 entering the interior.

Q4: Can this safe be mounted upside down if necessary?

A4: Yes, though there is no padding for the contents on the safe ceiling.

Final Verdict

The main things to look for in a good gun safe are whether or not it can grant gun access to the owner in a timely manner in instances of an emergency and not how effective it is a limiting access to those you don’t want to play with it. Does it keep the bad guys and children out without making it to hard for you to get your gun at a moment’s notice? This is why Barska’s revolutionary Biometric-powered model comes so highly recommended by us. Not only is it extra secure in terms of storing your registered firearm, it also makes removing your gun from it virtually effortless. With this biometric design, Barska has perfectly split the difference between accessibility and security and it’s a beautiful thing to behold.

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