20 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

Owning a gun safe can be the difference between the safety of you and your loved ones and tragedy

People read only the bad news about guns in the media for some years now. But, the one thing you never learned about is the fact that the crime rates are going down as more and more people own guns. But guns are not toys, and they should be protected from accidental discharges or children getting access to them. This is one reason for holding a gun safe.

However, I believe that having a gun safe is not just for that reason. I have come up with 19 more to go with child safety, which is what you are about to read about today. They might if you don’t own a gun safe persuade you to buy one or if you own one already, lend support to for your purchase when you are criticized for spending the money in holding one.

20 Reasons to Own a Gun Safe

1. Gun Safety

One of the reasons to own a gun safe is of course safety. For example, my father was an avid gun collector. It was not uncommon to come to his house and see any number of handguns in plain view or sitting in glass cabinets. If you wanted to put your coffee cup down, you would have to move his latest acquisition as his tables were cluttered with gun magazines, books, and other gun paraphernalia.

But, the one event that opened my eyes to gun safety was when I was home visiting from deployment. I was sitting down next to a pillow on the couch, as my father often slept after watching TV. I was wiggling to get comfortable, and my dad warned me to be careful.

I looked around and then put my hand under the pillow and found his Colt Commander. It was cocked, loaded, and with one round chambered. This made for exciting comments about turning over in one’s sleep.

However, it also made me think that perhaps dad should be a little more careful where he was leaving his hand weapon.

2. Protect Your Rights

We all know about the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. We wouldn’t belabor the point of what it means or not. The Framers of the Constitution had just fought a war with a country that made owning a gun illegal to own, and they enforced it with harsh and severe punishments. This allowed them to control every aspect of Colonial life.

Flash forward to Germany before the “Darkness” fell. Guns were confiscated just before Hitler unleashing his Program of rounding up those of non-Aryan descent and herding them like cattle into forced labor and death camps. Most focus on the Jews; however, any person with disabilities, skin color, religions, and foreign customs were also swept up in a wave of ethnic cleansing.

During this time, Japan was doing the same thing in the Near and the Far East. But, they went about it with Samurai Sword and bullet. People were blindfolded, forced to kneel with hands tied behind their backs and then beheaded in contests to see how many people two men could behead at one time. The results were published in Japanese newspapers like pro basketball player stats. (See, “The Knights of Bushido “)

After the war many other governments did, the same thing and millions more have died up to and including today’s current state of affairs.

So, confiscating guns is the first step to enslavement, servitude, and death. So, own your gun and stand up for your rights, as well as storing them properly until need.

3. Child Access Prevention Laws

Children like to play, and they imitate what they see on TV and in the movies. Guns are part of American culture. Therefore, gun education should start at an early age. I was taught about gun safety almost at the same time I learned to read. I knew the difference between my Johnny 7 OMA and the S&W snub nose 38 my father had for home protection.

However, not everyone has such an upbringing. The world has changed, and parents see guns as a necessary evil, and after the many wars since WW II, we have grown more relaxed in our complacency. That means guns are viewed as tools. Not as a means of survival as they once were. Nor are children as disciplined as they use to be and current Media promotes just doing it, and that opens up to a lot of chaos.

Children are no longer as supervised and left at home alone opens a Pandora’s Box of ills. While gun accidents are rare, Insurance companies and legislators see it as a hot button and what to bring it to zero as this message resonates with the masses. So, why take the chance of having a fatality with your child or one of his or her friends who may not have had any discipline in their life.

That means guns are viewed as tools. Not as a means of survival as they once were. Nor are children as disciplined as they use to be and current Media promotes “just doing it,” and that opens us up to a lot of chaos. Children are no longer as supervised and left at home alone opens a Pandora’s Box of ills. While gun accidents are rare, Insurance companies and legislators see it as a hot button and what to brings it into scrutiny as this message resonates with the masses for this reason.

So, why take the chance of having a fatality with your child or one of his or her friends who may not have had any discipline in their life.

4. Firearm Locking Device Laws

The Many States now require that you have locking devices on your weapon. These devices range from biometric triggered to single zip strips. Unfortunately, they have drawbacks. The one most cited by gun owners is that they render the gun useless for a length of time that makes it unnecessary for home defense when seconds count, especially in the case of home invasions.

Fumbling around trying to cut through a zip strip or fumbling with a key puts you and your family in unnecessary jeopardy. If you have the right model gun safe, your weapon can be in your hand ready to go in under 30 seconds. That’s going from unloaded to sliding a magazine home and cocking the gun and taking off the safety.

This writer has done it in 15 seconds, and others have done it even faster. It does, however; require the right gun safe, weapon, and lots of practice. Skateboarders put in far more training in the park than gun owners do to protect their families.

Nevertheless, you can be safe and secure by drilling and learn both your safety and how to open it when the time is crucial to protecting your life or a loved one.

5. Protection from Burglars

There are a lot of videos going around the net showing how easy it is to break into a gun safe. Unfortunately, I agree with them. However, if you have done your homework up front, you can make sure you have a gun safe that will be resistant to most attacks. Given sufficient time, a burglar can penetrate the most robust gun safe out there. So, first off don’t allow them the time and do not depend on it alone.

Layering your defenses is a way to ensure your home is protected from top to bottom. This means alarms, sensors, cameras, and backup power, redundant and armored phone lines to call for help.

If you intend to house a valuable gun collection, you need to invest not only investing in a proper gun safe. That means a real gun safe, one that has multiple locking bars that engage stable steel channels. The channels for the like to be 3-5 inches going into a heavy steel frame and with a thick steel front door 1 1/2 inches. It also needs to be bolted to concrete both at the bottom and at the back.

Many people bolt theirs to the second floor wooden or laminate flooring and against a wall, which has a wood I-beam and drywall. This not only aids the bugler but it will allow them to destroy your home in the process of taking it off premises. You want to make your gun safe a vault, there no better way than to construct a vault around it.

Prepper’s gun safes are often installed in underground redoubts that have heavy doors and concrete walls, floors, and ceilings. The gun safe is then embedded in the concrete wall and bolted to the floor.

6. Insurance Coverage Limitations

Insurance companies are fickle concerning gun insurance. You might find they pay you only for the weapon at a depreciated cost and not how much it is worth on the open market. Customizations often are ignored unless you have invoices for the work being done. Also, any add-ons cannot be covered if they are attached to the weapon as then they are considered part of the total package.

What this all boils down to is that you need to check your insurance policy and what it covers and what they want in return from you.

7. Required by Insurance Coverage

In many cases, today getting insurance for a gun requires you to have a gun safe before they issue you coverage, which is usually 3-5,000 dollars. You also need to see what caps if any to the amount they will protect you be apprehended. Scopes, mounting hardware along with foregrips, accurizing and special finishing like Armoloy®, may not be covered against theft, replacement due to fire or flooding.

In any event, you need to keep and to invoice for any work on your weapon or additions made if you ever want to get if entirely replaced as was.

8. Insurance Discount for owning a gun safe

The good news some insurance companies will give you a break on firearm premiums on policies that have Gun owner benefits. This means a gun safe will cut down on your insurance premiums. Therefore, when looking for gun insurance, you should shop around if your current policy provider doesn’t cover firearms or as in many cases will only cap your weapons replacement at 5,000 dollars.

Today, a good AR that has all the additions can cost you easily more than most common policies will cover, and that is not to mention if you have a personal carry weapon as well.

9. Protection from Lawyers

If your gun is stolen and you report it, you are not out of the water yet. Not only do you have to deal with the paperwork to get it replaced. You have the additional problem of legal actions arising if it is used in the commission of a crime. The weapon is often recovered nearby and since they may not have apprehended the perpetrator.

They will try to get restitution from you, as your name is associated with the firearm. That is unless you can show that you took all possible precautions against its theft in the first place. Here is an example of Blanton stupidity on the part of over 100 gun owners.

Note: http://www.nola.com/crime/index.ssf/2012/11/how_liable_is_the_owner_of_a_s.html

10. Protection from Fires

Fires are tragic events in anyone’s life. Personal belongings not to mention important document is often lost. However, having a gun safe with special fireproofing can save not only your firearms but valuable memorabilia, photos, and other valuables as well.

Special compartment inside specific models of gun safes come ready-made for this purpose. Some can withstand temperatures up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit as well.

This means not only could you get a discount on your homeowners/gun insurance but also you have proof of what was in the home as well if you do an inventory and store it inside your gun safe.

So, if your gun safe is fireproof, you wouldn’t have to try and collect on you gun insurance, and if you’ve planned you have all the paperwork needed to ensure your home’s furnishings and valuables are listed and itemized as well.

This is a double win for you. I could be a triple win if the safe is waterproofed as well because the fire department is not noted for their finesse when putting out fires and they can often flood your basement. (Where many gun safes are installed)

11. Protect Other Valuables

As mentioned in the above. Gun safes do double duty as repositories of papers like deeds, birth certificates as well as collectibles and jewelry. Today’s gun safes may also have separate burglar alarm systems that can call out automatically should someone try tamper with it.

Internal lighting is also available that can highlight what is contained within so your safe double as a display case as well as a place to store keepsakes and things like watches, antique jewelry, and sports memorabilia.

Biometric locks now keep everyone out except those you authorize and can open your safe day or night silently and at night can be set to allow no light to show warning intruders that you are armed as well.

Larger gun safes provide for more space for valuables and often offer separate drawers for this as well.

If nothing else, you have a place to store more ammunition and put the different calibers into different compartments.

12. Your kids will fight over it

Not so much for the safe but the contents instead, Guns rarely lose their intrinsic value. Certain guns have gone up in value making them valuable collectibles. Also, some have a historical significance that cannot be calculable in today’s market as in the case with weapons from the old west or special one of a kind weapons, like those used by the French Resistance and the OSS during WW II.

But, let’s not forget the .45 that your granddad brought back from the war or the Japanese sword that your uncle retrieved on Okinawa. Your gun safe is a way to pass your legacy of your family’s history down to the next generation.

My father’s retirement plan was in the form of 300 guns of various types and after he had retired after 73, he sold them off and supplemented is Social Security pension monies until he died ten years later. My sister still has custody of a couple of them, and they are now family heirlooms. We still have the three gun safes as well, they now hold other things like tools, and unbelievably one is used for storage of stuff she’s grown and canned from her garden.

13. Quick Access

In the case of an emergency, a proper gun safe not only allows quick access to your hand weapon.

But, the safe does so quietly and without betraying you in the process. This is useful if intruders have breached your perimeter and are inside your home.

Your or a loved one can use the unique emergency access features on some safes to not only arm themselves in a time of danger and sound a silent alarm and call the police as well.

Special low visibility lighting lets you or them acquire the right weapon and ammunition for it and then close silently so as not to make the intruders where you are or that you are now armed.

With the various types of quick access gun safes, you are never a few seconds from being unarmored to being able to deal with intruders or break-ins.

What’s more, you and your family have peace of mind over the fact that the children are safe from inadvertent accidents while you have almost instant access to a firearm if you need one.

There is not any price you can put on your family’s lives or safety, and a gun safe provides it.

14. They Look Good

You can nowadays purchase a gun safe that matches your lifestyle and the correctness of your home. Many have a look of exquisite elegance and fit into the poshest Beverly Hills Ranch style home. Some images of gun safes that look stylish

Many wells to do people have their gun safes in their home office or den. However, for myself, I prefer to have, our gun safe hidden behind false panels in the basement. You, however, may want the world to see your collection and to put your guns on display. My father not only had his three gun safes in his den, but he had wooden and glass display cases to show his prized collectibles and WW II memorabilia he also had one glassed-in rifle rack that held long guns that came from the battlegrounds of Normandy to the sands of Iwo Jima. On the wall, he had a rare Japanese Meatball flag along with the uniform from a German Death Camp Survivor. His gun safes were an integral part of his private museum just off the living room, and they fit in with the decor of the room and its displays.

My father was for both practicality as well as the aesthetic value as well. This is what many connoisseurs of vintage guns strive for as well.

15. Concealed Carry

Gun safes are an integral part of many states Concealed Carry legislation, as not only do they ensure you are trained in the use of your firearm. However, you are double checked to make sure you know how to store and protect them as well. A gun safe can help you qualify for your CC permit. My father at 82 was still eligible for his, and he had another one that was good for 35 states before the landmark legislation being passed in his home state.

You can now have gun safes that also complement your Concealed Carry Permit on the road as well.

Your vehicle can now have a gun safe that is hidden and prevents theft of the weapon so as not to have the embarrassment of the people of that Parrish in Louisiana that lost 156 guns from unlocked vehicles we mentioned earlier.

Today’s concealed carry gun safes lock your weapon up tight while you wear it in plain view.

While other makers do the same in various other gun safe configurations.

Therefore, the bottom line is for concealed carry you can have a portable gun safe that you can wear or hide in your vehicle as well.

16. Tax Deduction / Rebate

Were you aware that both Connecticut and Massachusetts both don’t charge you any sales tax when you buy a gun safe?

Other laws and acts can also help you. By having a gun safe, that is fireproof you can put it on your 1040 as a safe and fill out the appropriate Form 8829, Expenses for Business Use of Your Home. Check with your tax preparer, and you will find out other ways to creatively get money back on your gun buys without explicitly using the word gun.

17. Protection from kidnapping

Kidnapping is becoming an almost daily activity that businesspeople overseas have to face. Before I was allowed to go to Canada until I completed a business survival course and they took out a 1 million dollar insurance policy on me to reimburse them if I died. My family would receive nothing. This is such for corporate culture today. Instead of protecting their employees, make a profit on what would almost enviably happen if one wore a suit aboard.

Here in the States, similar things are worried about by certain executes of a major bank that I worked at.

The executive floor had pressure sensors in the carpet, cameras, and a hidden gun safe that the security people had at the reception area just before you entered the holy of holies where the CEO sat behind his desk.

Here was a person who couldn’t even boot his PC. It would boot itself and do everything for him. Under his desktop PC was a touch keypad drawer and in that, a concealed gun safe was a handgun.

So, even morons can use a gun safe to prevent kidnapping. How did I learn all this? I was his desktop tech and had to close his gun safe because he left it open one day.

18. Protection from robbery

Your home is your castle. However, you do not have a moat or guards like a bank CEO. Yet, you can have a gun safe in the home that lets you protect your family and yourself.

But, in a small business, a gun safe can fit under the counter near the cash register, as you are a target for robbery at your company. 7-11s would not do that, but many clubs, bars, and service stations routinely have a gun on the premises.

Cabbies today have gun safes in their cabs. Criminals prey upon them as they have cash and they often die even when they accede to their robber’s demands.

Because of late it does not matter if you give across the money, they are more than likely to shoot you, as look at you.

19. Home/Valuable asset security

As we mentioned earlier, a gun safe can protect not only guns but also anything else you think is essential that requires protection. They are more versatile than ordinary safes and as such can protect your valuables as well as weapons. They are often fireproof and resistant to water as well. So, instead of just getting a safe, get a gun safe and have the best of both worlds.

20. Protection from harmful animals

In certain parts of the country, wild animals are infringing on your property and could harm your pets and even a small child. So if coyotes, which roam near homes only an hour’s trip from Chicago, threaten you. So, you see having a safe gun lets you have access to a weapon that can protect you and your family from wild or feral animals.

Today, when you walk at night in rural areas you can meet coyotes, feral dogs, on occasion mountain lions, and even bears. (True story) The wild is leaving the forests and find their way near your home.

That’s why many, south of Chicago who wants to take a walk do so after first stopping at their gun safe to ensure that they return home safely.

Final thoughts

Aun safe is a useful thing to have. Even if you are not a gun owner, they are versatile as they come in shapes that make them easy to fit in odd or out of the way spaces. However, as a combo safe for both weapons and valuables you get the best of both worlds. They can also be waterproof and fireproof so, they can resist natural duster as well.

I have come up with my 20 reasons why you should get have a gun safe, and from them, you can come up with much more besides. I have had over 50 years of experience living around them and the people that own them, which should qualify as knowing a little bit about the topic.

If you own a gun in today’s world with the current climate in America, You cannot afford not to have a gun safe in your home. It will give you peace of mind and help you protect you and your loved ones.

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