Best Gun Safe for the Money

An Introduction

When looking for a gun vault for the home or office, I chose to buy a biometric gun safe. These are a combination of modern technology and masterful lock design. Biometric gun safes are a combination of traditional safety features with high-tech craftsmanship. Although choosing the best models took some research. So I had to go online and to my local brick and mortar stores, to find the real info for myself. Here is what I learned, and now am sharing it with the readers.

Biometric Gun Safes

The best biometric gun safes are not created equal but differ in some dramatic ways. Their construction, size, and locks can be quite different. There are numerous types of biometric gun safes on the market today. Each should be evaluated based on the features offered and the final purchase price.

Detailed Buyer’s Guide

To find the best gun safe, I found doing the proper research is essential. There are a number of important elements to look for in the best gun safes. Here are some general guidelines that are must have features, making up this detailed buyer’s guide.

Safe Size and Construction
Assuming primarily handguns are being stored in a gun safe, size may be a secondary consideration. The larger the gun safe, the harder it will be to break into. This is generally true, no matter what the design or style of the gun safe. Storage of long firearms in a safe means the inside needs to be 58 inches or longer. This will allow the proper space for rifles and other long guns. The size will also impact the portability of a gun safe, many are very heavy in construction. In the best gun safes the construction uses continuous welding, it is a high-quality safe. Cheaper models use stitch welding, plastic filler in place of welds, and have thin walls. Avoid all such gun safes, both for issues of durability and being flammable.

Layout and Locking System
The layout of the locking system is essential to making sure the entry is prevented. Some gun safes use jigsaw design door frames to make access harder. Other high-end gun safes have diagonally aligned bolts, much like ones used within big bank vaults. A variety of locking systems is available on the open market. The best gun safes have higher quality electronic locking systems or rotary dialing locks. Combination locking systems are harder to open, take more time, but are generally constructed to last longer than others. Also be sure the keypad buttons for the biometric locks are sturdy, otherwise they may be prone to wearing out. This should also be the case with the design and layout of the door or lid.

Safe Seals and Door Hinges
Low-quality gun safes often have no sealing. This is a sure sign that the rest of the safe is cheaply made. A good seal keeps moisture out of the safe, but also helps avoid rusting or similar water damages. A tightly sealed safe is going to last better in a fire or other unforeseen situation. Intact seals will also prevent any unwanted entry from thieves better. Internal and external door hinges may be used, sometimes in both expensive and affordable gun safes. For larger gun safes, external hinges are best and make them easy to repair or transport.

Fire Resistance and Other Considerations
A gun safe needs to be fire resistant. It is an essential part of the safe construction, in general. Fire resistance is created using ceramic wool insulations or sheet rock for the exterior but positioned between the metal plates as reinforcement. A good fire resistance rating is 350 F for one hour of time. Most fire resistant gun safes are also water or flood damage resistant. An additional consideration is an internal light for gun safes by gun owners. This is an extra feature and not always available in all models, but it brings convenience and visibility making the safe more user-friendly.

Best Gun Safe Reviews 2017

This is a list of the top 5 rated biometric gun safes in 2016. The list includes ones of smaller and larger sizes, different warranty lengths, and also a range useful to various individuals for their home or office weapons. This is far from a complete list but valid for making an informed purchasing decision.

GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun SafeThis gun safe is made for storage of a single weapon. It is small on purpose, but not an ineffective device. It can be kept close by and reached for easily. It can also be mounted to a desk, table or another piece of furniture. This makes for an easy access and portability. A biometric gun safe for at home or anywhere. The SV 500 costs between 200 to 300 dollar in Amazon, being the choice of many gun owners.

Highlighted Features:
• 8.2 pounds
• 1-year warranty
• 13 ” x 6.5 ” x 3.5 ”
• 18-gauge steel exterior
• High-strength electronic lock

Sentry QAP1BE Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe

This biometric safe is designed to conceal inside a drawer. If this is the regular place for accessing a gun, this is the gun safe of choice. It opens from the top side but is tailor made for personal security at home or office situations. The fingertip scanner and buttons are also located on the upper side of this device. It will never allow access to be obstructed or inhibited in an emergency. The QAP1BE costs between 150 and 200 Dollar in Amazon but frequently goes on sale due to popularity.

Highlighted Features:
• 12.9 pounds
• 1-year warranty
• 2.2″ x 6.6 ” x 9.7 ”
• Fingerprint reader activates a LED backlight
• Locking mechanism can disengage in three ways

BARSKA Top Opening Biometric Fingerprint Safe

This is another biometric gun safe designed for storage inside a drawer. It comes with pre-drilled holes on the underside, so it could be easily mounted in other places. It is large enough to hold more than one handgun. It also has enough space for documents, valuables, and other contents. This is a step up from some similar models of biometric safes and is worth the meager difference in pricing. This safe has very easy access to the fingerprint reader and is larger than the above-mentioned model. The BARSKA gun safe is currently priced between $175 and $200 online.

Highlighted Features:
• 21.01 pounds
• 1-year warranty
• 5.04″ x 11.42 ” x 14.76 ”
• Fingerprint reader stores 30 sets of prints
• Swipe motorized lock and two steel deadbolts

STACK-ON PS-1520 Gun Safe

Here is another biometric gun safe designed for more than one handgun to be stored. Although bigger than many comparable models, it is not tall enough to store long guns or rifles. It is the perfect choice for the multiple gun owner household. This safe comes with two easily removable shelf pieces, being modular to suit the needs of any gun owner. It looks like a traditional safe in construction but is fully upgraded with biometric locks and ready to guard any weapons without worry for their security. The PS-1520 gun safe is reasonably priced between $100 and $150 online.

Highlighted Features:
• 46 pounds
• 3-year warranty
• 19 1/2″H x 13 3/4″W x 13″D
• Pry-resistant door with internal hinges
• Electronic keypad silent mode and backup key

Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1

This is really the Cadillac of biometric gun safes. It is made from 10 gauge steel and has a lid that opens from the top. The lid is extra thick and wraps around, being a deterrent for many thieves. Even with such superior construction, the lid will not jam due to gas assisted struts to help open it. Although quite large, this gun safe can still fit in a drawer without problems. It isn’t portable but made to be versatile. The PB1 has a cost of between $200 and $220 online, making it a very affordable biometric device.

Highlighted Features:
• 22 pounds
• Lifetime warranty
• 1/4″H x 12-1/2″W x 10-3/8″D
• Free 13.5″ Dean Safe Pistol Sock
• Large enough to hold two handguns plus accessories

The Best Model for Your Home / Office

The final verdict based on these 5 biometric gun safe models, would be the GunVault SV 500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe. If you are looking for something more compact and lighter in weight. It is convenient for any home or office. The warranty is limited, but the price is right, making it best overall.

Although the overall best model all around is the Fort Knox Original Handgun Safe PB1. If the gun owner wants durability, sturdy construction, and a lifetime warranty. It really depends on what the individual gun owner needs a biometric gun safe.

In Conclusion

Whatever model is the right priced right to choose, buy a biometric safe. It will be the best investment to make as a gun owner in modern times. It will also help protect the things important to a gun owner. The best gun safe is definitely a biometric weapons storage. Because it has the best of old school and new world technology combined as one.

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